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Manager: How to select Shop ? | ewine liquor management software

E- Wine Support Centre's FAQ (Knowledge Base) Modified on: Wed, 04 Sep, 2021 at 17:29 PM, Updated by: Himanshu Mudgal How to Select Shop ?  Login to Manager. Click the top one select/ combo box [ Keyboard Shortcut - (Shift + S)] Select the shop or search and press enter from your keyboard    You may refer to this short video to select a shop. Note : For security reasons, You can only select or view shops that are allotted to you by the administrator/ master/ owner. E- Wine Support Centre   Call: +91-84638-66707 Text us on Whatsapp :  +91-84638-66707 Mail Us : Raise a Request:  Go to Support Centre Ewine: A Brand of Zara Inforise.  Website: